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Wikipedia de l'auteur Richard Bouskila


A must-see source

Richard Bouskila was born on December 17, 1982 in Paris 18 at the Ordener Clinic. He learns very late to walk not to talk. He remembers going to CP and picking daisies for his teacher Clarisse every day. These were the blessed days when Richard was normal and ran his life. A pure heart had gone away a few years after its tragic history began.

When he was a kid, he was fighting. True little thug he seemed to be at the height of happiness but his weight was unusually high for his age. It was only long after his childhood worsened that he did not have like everyone else. It may seem banal and unoriginal to you, but Richard knew how to be loved and as a child he knew what he wanted to do later.

Too ambitious, he was already what the girls called a sweet dreamer, but it was much more than that.

Richard Bouskila's suffering

Richard doesn't become a writer right now. Educated in 6th grade at Edmont Michelet College, he learned that the only hatred he was still able to fulfill was his own and that of his "friends". He is having heavy breast surgery surgery bilateral gynecomastia. Richard abruptly quit school at the age of 16 but his authoritarian but patient mother shows him that without going to school the state was going to attack his social income like the RMI, housing allowance, ... Richard then attempts to commit suicide by absorbing an abnormal amount of Lexomil. He vomits in the teachers room and is taken in 5th grade to the infirmary room. That's when he's the laughing stock of all his classmates. Richard is no longer the proud child in love with life and girls. Only for him everything was just a matter of money.

Ms. Castro, a CASIP employee in Paris, receives a report about Richard. Judge Orvin, in possession of the file, decides to impose on him Mrs. Dhelin social worker who has to take him out to take her to the coffee to take the subway etc. Richard is bullied in court when he sees hooded children screaming at their parents not to abandon them. Richard must have been a major. It was not yet. The days, weeks, months seemed to him mountains of suffering, but he faced everything silently but dreamily too, for he knew already that a great artistic career awaited him. His family uninteresting to him made him experience the worst humiliations. Because of her obesity, her mother camouflaged her breasts with stripes. And that was only the beginning, for when he was invited to a wedding, his mother collapsed. His father then decides to leave on his own. This period will last three long years.

Descent to hell

Richard leaves Paris after obtaining a BEP of accounting by the CNED the first time (there he is an adult). He went to Vichy to recharge his batteries where he created his first site but Vichy had many nasty surprises in store for him. Long before, he has won, and must be known, several medals of courage and merit, both in the artistic sense of the term and in the moral and physical sense. He was a sportsman. He wanted to be a wrestler. So he enrolled in WWE world wrestling entertainment. On January 28, 2011 he received a promise of hiring clumsily sent to the White House while Barack Obama was too busy with his business to look into his case. Richard has written many manuscripts. All sleep in drawers or closets after many editorial refusals. Richard Bouskila wanted to change his name and bear the name of his survivor mother Hagege. In the meantime, he had lost his grandmother, and his family, still in France at this time, did not want Richard to follow them to Israel. It is there that the family goes to bury their loved ones and see them forever blessed by God. Richard moved to Vichy in 2009. He lived at 19 blvd il franchet d'esperey Residence the tower of the wings 03200 VICHY for more than ten years. He is a victim of witchcraft when a golden cradle leans over his head at birth. Celebrities know him both French and American but not in good, because Richard wanting to make himself known, will have approached more than a hundred stars, whether visual or virtual. Unfortunately, the complaints don't help and Richard is condemned, victimized by his family and the celebrities who don't care about him. It was not until many years later that Richard realized he had made a mistake. He has inadvertently played a sway with e-mail releases sent to Walt Disney.

Artist's life

Richard Bouskila sees his family torn apart. Each one goes their separate ways and cuts the bridges. Richard was interned at Jacques Lacarin's psychiatric hospital three times but never signed the days of hospitalization according to the advice given by a Jewish lawyer. Even in police custody, Richard remains neutral, attentive, and devious. It is only when he receives a visit from his treating physician that he understands that he is facing a hard ordeal. Treated with Haloperidol and Valium, Richard gradually dies in the bank furnace, debting himself up to his neck to pay lawyers who were supposed to help him, but the AJ (french law help) was only used to detrimthes the poor, Richard was not allowed to do so. "His father" and "his mother" rush to try to get him out of there by writing letters to the prefect, the mayor, the magistrate, the attorney general, social workers, and even a psychiatrist. Finally, it is only thanks to his resourcefulness and malice that Richard manages to escape the hands of doctors and strong of his social status that no one believed he takes back his life as an artist by publishing again and again. The Heavenly Rose, first version of Zaxia was written in 2004 protected in September 2005 at the SGDL and published on an author's account in 2006 at Publibook thanks to the recommendations of Patrick Poivre d'Arvor a prominent journalist who knew how to understand the basics of the trade.

Richard spent several times casting the show Nouvelle Star M6 and went to the theatre to learn comedy. Alas, he had no health to become a pastry baker than to become an actor. It is only later that he will opt for the miracle solution. Excessive impacts. He publishes, always self-employed but trying to get noticed, a string of books like Obamachie the saga as well as Hollywood Stars, Zorcel... Specializing in SFFF literature, Richard meets celebrities from overseas such as Mauritius, where he specializes in the translation of foreign books. A true revelation, Richard learns to draw and paint.


Richard Bouskila interviewed for the first time in 2017 by the newspaper La montagne confides that he is a victim of witchcraft by his family and especially his neighbors. A neighbour brutalized his father who will never succeed, but even worse vandalized the mailbox of the Bouskila, gutted a padlock, smashed a door, and the Vichy police, corrupted because of the memories of the post-war third reich , takes sides in defense of the neighbor owner him unlike Richard and his parents always eternally apartment tenants and paying incredibly scandalous rents. It looked like the yellow vests came to blow everything up. Only then, they attacked Richard's work and especially Zaxia by attempting to hack MSN MESSENGER, SKYPE, FACEBOOK accounts and impersonating him. Creating fake accounts, attempting to harass and intimidate, corruption, witchcraft, spying. Richard once remembers writing to a constable to conduct an investigation at the wing tower. Richard and his parents lived on the 15th at the far right. That's where it all started. Richard sees behind the door by the eye that sees everything dwayne Johnson. Film actor and wrestler he had not come there by chance and surely not as a friend. Richard then complained, but no one listened. We're re-interning him. As he cries every day, Richard imagines himself living with this evil being all his life as it continues to grow. He thinks back to his childhood images full of head his first emotions. He knows it's all from his family. We're talking about "witchcraft." He has hallucinations, hears voices, but knew that the skilled people in the tower knew how to drive someone crazy and Richard was the victim of a conspiracy. It was obvious. And yet...

Sponsors and partnerships

In 2007, Richard Bouskila met an Icelandic director and executive producer through the Canadian film market. His name is Jon Bjarni Gudmundsson. He was his best friend. Through him, Richard is fluent in English and defends commercial interests with greater than significant profits. While the stock market collapses, Richard and Jonbi meet in a coffee station of the North in Paris 10th. He was accompanied by a producer and a translator. Richard had been refused several times for representations of agents because it was a long book market, so long that it took him almost ten years to successfully lure an immigration lawyer. Richard's wish was to live and die in Los Angeles. He imagined he could be reborn American through his exploits and impacts of yesteryear. It all started a month in July 2012 when Richard, then strong of his youtube channel, wanted to conquer America. In 2016 Richard and his parents made a long journey 11,000 kilometers from Paris to Los Angeles by plane with Air France and the rheumatoid purpura of his disease wakes up and is forced to be repatriated. The U.S. Consulate in Los Angeles agrees to take care of them. Richard explains to Jonbi the motivations of the Americans to want his masterpiece. Later, he worked with scsizes where he wrote a specification for the presentation of a TV show. Richard then became a member of the SACD.

Pros and cons

Bouskila comes from a Jewish Hebrew name. Even in Los Angeles there are Ravs named Bouskila. It is a very common name but it is meant to bring a future or hope. Here's the google search result

Bouskila: The name comes from the Arabic shakila(t), referring to a round, a piece of cloth that Jews wore on their clothing in the Middle Ages in France and North Africa. Bouskila therefore means 'man in the wheel', the name being carried by Jews from North Africa.

And to think that we were treating parents as racists. They were black. How could they be against their own race their own offspring? It's like saying that a fat man gets fat and a skinny man wants to get skinny.


Bouskilar was chosen because it is the first letter of the first name Richard lexical singularity. ♥

Joseph Michele Richard

In 1982 when Richard was born the name was not yet widely used. It was only much later that doctors began wearing it (or even google).


In fifth grade when he was 11 years old Richard Bouskila played and won the function of Orpheus in Orpheus and Eurydice Greek tragedy. It was precisely at this time that he was affected by this pure purpura rheumatoid disease. Dr. Sabbah, who operated on Richard's breasts, retired after a long illness. Richard remembers being at the cinema the big rex see the film sister act 2. The room was full of germs, Richard recalls, and it juxtaposed the one in the back. There were three of them. Orpheus' role has contaminated Richard with a disease-carrying germ that will continue him for the rest of his life. When Richard Bouskila and his parents left Paris because of the malfeasance of the neighbourhood, they thought they would find peace in Vichy. They did not know that by coming to Vichy they would change their way of life. Jojo's father to Richard said, "I'm going to kill myself." Those are his words. He doesn't have it. "He didn't kill himself, because he was too cowardly," Richard recalls. He preferred to ruin her life a little more. Richard Bouskila, who arrived at 37, weighs nearly 150 kilos for 1M73. It was at this point that he realized that his days were numbered and immediately contacted Los Angeles to be reserved for the privileges of a coffin. }

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